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Are You Feeling Paranoid?

I have never been a person that is constantly afraid of something going wrong with my health or of dying. In fact, I have spent most of my life without fears about health or death. My wife, on the other hand, has always been really concerned about issues relating to her health and to the health of the ones she loves most. I guess some would call her paranoid about health issues.

I had never met someone so paranoid about health issues until I met my wife. It took me a few years to really understand where she was coming from when she would urge me to the doctor at the first sign of a cough or cold. I spent the first years of my married life quite frustrated by her and her constant paranoid ideas about our health and life.

My wife decided to begin going to counseling to discuss her issues of being paranoid about health and disease and dying. She asked me to accompany her and I agreed with great joy. I wanted to take every opportunity I could not only to understand my wife, but also to learn how I could better partner with her and understand her needs. I had no idea just how paranoid she was about sickness and death, nor do I think she knew, until we walked away from her first counseling session a few years ago.

The counselor quickly pointed out that her extremely paranoid thoughts and feelings about every symptom that may be abnormal were directly tied to losing her mother suddenly when she was a young girl. Of course, both of us had thought about the possibility of that connection, but never before had we so seriously thought through the implications of a small child losing her mother without warning.

Of course losing a parent unexpectedly would create the atmosphere for possible paranoid thoughts and feelings about death. If your mother had no symptoms of sickness and then she suddenly died, why wouldn’t you be paranoid that one day you would just die as well? My wife’s paranoid thoughts and feelings were being explained to her and to myself in ways we had never thought of before.

She has been able to find almost total freedom from her paranoid thoughts of death and dying as she has come to grips with the fact that her mother’s death was not her fault and that sometimes sickness and death gets the best of us. If you or someone you know struggles with paranoid thoughts as well, I’d urge you to get into a counselor as soon as possible. You do not have to live that way any longer.

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  • Ssshhhh Im becoming aroused:

    I have lately moved away about 120 miles from my boyfriend, I did previously see him everyday. I see him every weekend now. How do you stop feeling paranoid and sad?He has not really given me reason to consider such as this it is simply i’d a dreadful past relationship I.e Constantly thinking the worst, thinking hes likely to meet another person, worrying why he does not text or ring much per day. Could I simply possess some advice how you can stop thinking so irrationally and my thoughts off it, thanks.

  • Krazy Bob:

    Well i smoked weed b4 nd i felt paranoid and extremely nervous also it really was frightening and also the same factor happened the second time same with this gonna happen constantly i smoke weed or what? Helppp

  • Pacman:

    like when ???

    personally i think paranoid when i am getting the garbage

    or doing the bathroom

    cuz i seem like somebody’s watching me and then try to scare me at any time


  • Splash Log Level 2 Again:

    I get married to some very lovely guy, however i keep feeling like he’s / or he’ll cheat on me. I understand why – past bad experience where – in hindsight – i felt like i ought to have known. I don’t want they are driving my guy away, or myself insane… that is what it really presently seems like. i want good quality, practical advice…….. help…. i dont seem like can got married to him within this condition, its certainly not fair on him… at the outset of our associations (couple of years ago) he lied in my experience in regards to a text he’d delivered to a woman… but thats it, i cant have it from my mind and also over it…

  • Boo Cookie:

    Sometimes, I’m able to get REALLY paranoid, particularly when I’m alone. It began off small, like being scared of the dark, and needing to check under my mattress, as well as in my wardrobe before I visited sleep, but previously couple of years it’s increased to the stage where I’m literally holding a knife, and kicking doorways lower!

    Yes, it sounds amusing, also it appears want it to me just thinking azbout how silly it’s now, but believe me it’s not after i am getting a paranoia trip.

    So, what must i do about this?

    Thanks ahead of time.

    I have not touched any drugs, or experience domestic violence of any type. I live quite a normal existence, so I haven’t got any bad history

  • NC Baller:

    This isn’t something im concerned about, a lot more like curious. I sometimes feel paranoid or think bad things may happen to mysel or family members.

    For instance, my buddy was at italia with this past week and it is returning home 2day. I’d a strange feeling like he would harmed as he was driving home. Like he’d het right into a vehicle accdent or something like that.

    Also, basically hear an unusual seem outdoors, ill believe that someone is outdoors, comin 4 me. Or maybe i hear one inside, ill think someone s within my house.

    Ima perfectly fine person. Im an upright A nd B student and incredibly interpersonal. Just wonderin why this occurs SOMETIMES.

  • Big Banger:

    I’m wondering if other people practical knowledge feeling paranoid from THC and it has also attempted kava and when they might talk to the 2 separate encounters? I’m looking for a smoke-able plant or tea which has an anti-anxiety effect – Nothing like marijuana/THC/etc that cause you to feel so stoned or disconnected it enables you to paranoid.

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