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Help For Uninsured Women Who Need Medicine

Many American women are in charge of their family’s routine health care. They take their children to see the doctor regularly, schedule checkups for their husbands and care for sick relatives. Many women, however, put themselves last and often do not seek care simply because they do not have health insurance.

Without insurance, women often cannot get the care they need, making everyday tasks more stressful. They often wait to see the doctor until their conditions have grown worse and may be more costly to treat. And even more women do not have insurance to help pay for prescriptions, making it more difficult to get medicines that could help prevent their conditions from getting worse.

Not having insurance should not get in the way of good health for America’s mothers, wives, sisters and daughters. Until quality health care is available to all Americans, there are programs to help uninsured Americans get access to the medicines prescribed by their doctors.

One such program is Pfizer Helpful Answers™ — a family of programs that helps people without prescription coverage save on many Pfizer medicines, no matter their age or income. People with limited incomes may even qualify to get their Pfizer medicines for free.

Barbara Jean Salley, one of Pfizer Helpful Answers’ more than two million members, says that “Pfizer’s program has been a real blessing. Since this program came along, I am not as stressed about how I’m going to get my medicine and I feel better.”

Helping to manage your family’s health and well-being is important, but so is being able to take care of your own health – such as taking the medicines you need. Programs like Pfizer Helpful Answers can help bring medicines within reach for women who are used to putting their family’s needs first. American women work hard to keep their families healthy. Now there are programs to help keep America’s women healthy, too.

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  • slipknot0129:

    Hispanic Birth Rate Soars. Citizens stop hospital bankruptcy!

    Published on Wednesday, August 09 @ 15:27:18 UTC

    Subject: money campaigns cost illegal immigration

    Hispanic birth rate soars in Southeast

    Hispanic births are increasing within the Southeast, where a rise with a minimum of 40 % was recorded in five states between 2000 and 2003, according to a different government report.

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    The Connected Press


    One of the states using the biggest increases were Kentucky (80 %), Sc (62 percent), Alabama (53 percent), Tennessee (53 percent) and Arkansas (40 %), the report found.

    The report, in the National Center for Health Statistics, is known as the very first condition-by-condition introduction to birth and fertility rates within the U.S. Hispanic population.

    U.S. births for non-Hispanic whites decreased 10 % between 1990 and 2000, and a pair of percent between 2000 and 2003, the report demonstrated. Births for shades of black rejected 9 % and five percent, correspondingly.

    In comparison, births for Hispanic women leaped 37 percent between 1990 and 2000, and the other 12 % between 2000 and 2003.

    But there have been variations in birth and fertility rates among Hispanic sub-populations, noted Paul Sutton, a writer from the new report.

    “Hispanics aren’t a monolithic group. There is a tremendous variation” in births among women of Mexican, Puerto Rican and Cuban origin, stated Sutton, a statistician and geographer using the National Center for Health Statistics.

    Mexican-People in america had the greatest birth rates overall, then Puerto Ricans and Cuban-People in america. Mexican-People in america gave birth very young and early 20s at greater rates, while for Cuban-People in america, the greatest birth rate was for ladies within their late 20s.

    Even though California and Texas keep having the biggest Mexican populations, New York and Georgia had the greatest fertility rates for Mexican moms.

    In New York, there have been 181 births per 1,000 Mexican women age range 15 to 44 in 2000. In Georgia, the fertility rate was 180 per 1,000 Mexican women.

    In comparison, the U.S. fertility rate for Mexican-American women was 105 per 1,000. California’s was 112, and Texas’ was 124.

    It isn’t likely Georgia or New York will quickly exceed Texas or California in Hispanic births: In 2003, nearly 270,000 babies were born to Hispanic moms in California and 183,000 in Texas, but 18,000 in Georgia, 16,000 in New York, and 5,000 or less in many other Southeast states.

    However the relative rise in the Southeast states is notable, and could have implications for health-care facilities and condition budgets, especially if some or many Hispanic people are without insurance.

    WakeMed _ a 515-mattress hospital in Raleigh, N.C. _ saw Hispanic births rise from 463 in 1997 to at least one,819 in 2005.

    Hispanics take into account about 36 percent from the births in the hospital. Most years, greater than 90 % are Mexican, stated Dr. Juan Granados, who trains obstetrics citizens in the hospital.

    No more than 3 % from the families have medical health insurance, he stated. Fortunately, the condition supplies a special State medicaid programs payment to assist offset such unreimbursed care, he added.

    “Therefore the hospitals don’t get into personal bankruptcy,” stated Granados, a College of New York professor of obstetrics and gynecology and maternal and fetal medicine.

    Previously, most Hispanic moms were a part of migrant farm worker families who found the Raleigh position for area of the year after which managed to move on. But recently, many Mexican families appear to become remaining year-round, with males taking jobs in construction and landscape designs, Granados stated.

    NOTICE only 3% have insurance! Which means citizens are tied to the debts!

  • Anny:

    WASHINGTON – Someone has finally fixed approximately citizen price of between 12 million and 15 million illegal aliens dwelling within the U.S.

    New research through the Heritage Foundation’s Robert Rector found a family group headed by a person with no senior high school education, including about two-thirds of illegal aliens, costs U.S. citizens greater than $32,000 in federal, condition and native benefits. That very same family adds typically $9,000 annually in taxes, producing a internet tax burden of $22,449 every year.

    During the period of the household’s lifetime that tax burden means $1.a million.

    ain’t liberalism grand? :-) ~

  • Con Orpe:

    yesterday, the neighborhood volunteer fire department had their monthly fund-raising breakfast. We met track of our neighbor and visited in the morning. Over breakfast we spoken about SICKO.

    A man sitting in the other finish on the table began using the standard republic kook-aid rhetoric. “Can’t pick your personal physician….bureacrats controlling your wellbeing…well-socialized medicine…doctors would get free from medicine…yadda yadda yadda”

    I began asking him a couple of questions – his solutions have been in bold

    Who pays to improve your health insurance now? “employer, by having an worker co-pay”

    If for which ever reason you no more work, would the business still provide medical health insurance? “no”

    How would you react, would you afford medical health insurance on your own and family? “uhh..uhhh…”

    Any medical conditions that might be considered pre-existing? High bloodstream pressure, cholesterol, diabetes? “Yeah, but..”

    Presuming you can afford a person plan – you’d be refused coverage due to individuals pre-existing conditions. Inside a Universal health care type coverage – you’d have coverage of health. Now about picking your personal physician – let us say you would like Dr. Johnson, but Dr. Johnson isn’t in your current healthplan’s network – are you able to still visit Dr. Johnson without having to pay ‘out of network’ costs or requiring a referral or pre-approval? “no”

    then you definitely really can’t pick your personal physician are you able to? With Universal health care, all doctors are incorporated. Now, let us if you have a specific condition, your physician really wants to give back to some specialist or a unique test – either you and your physician needs to contact the insurance provider for pre-approval and it may be refused because either they will not cover the price of the exam or since the particular specialist isn’t ‘in-network’. Which means you still can’t PICK Your Personal Physician.

    he snorts the standard of health care goes lower – me: the u . s . states is rated 37th on the planet, just above Slovania when it comes to health care services for it’s people.

    there will not be any doctors, they’ll stop practicing simply because they can’t make anything – me: well, allow me to request you this would you like to be treated with a physician whose motivation to be a physician is to earn money, in order to supply the best he/she will to keep you healthy? at this time, they get bonuses from insurance providers by NOT suggesting certain remedies/drugs/methods – or around the flipside get bonuses from drug companies by prescribing stuff you do not need. Havenrrrt heard of you, however when I visit a physician I may wish to see one that’s worried about the healthiness of his/her patients, not just one that’s worried about the healthiness of his/her banking account.

    I’m not going some bureaucrat making my medical choices me: who means they are now? some bureaucrat in the insurance provider – they choose which doctors you are able to or cannot see, which methods you are able to or cannot have, which medicines you are able to or cannot have, which health conditions they’ll cover or otherwise cover. these bureaucrats in the insurance providers get bonuses and promotions by DENYING YOU SERVICES or COVERAGE, plus they emerge and let you know their first responsibility and obligation would be to the STOCKHOLDERS. Our health care system is dependant on concern for profits, not people.


    I might not have transformed his mind, however i did see a lot of people around us nodding their heads. Used to do tell the man to visit rent/buy SICKO, watch it, do your homework by himself and then suggest up their own mind.

    Once we were departing, one lady emerged to all of us, requested the title from the movie again, stated she desired to watch it, then told us how her husband lost his job a could of in the past plus they didn’t have medical health insurance until he found another job, she was scared from her wits that throughout the interim time that they, her husband or kids would want medical assistance and just how are they going to pay for this.

  • Mak Sultan:

    Tonight certainly one of my professors got on the cleaning soap box about Obama and the idea for socialized healthcare. To place it in the terms (again, this really is HIS opinion), he established that we wouldn’t possess the financial way to genuinely have socialized healthcare, therefore patients will be the first to suffer – particularly the sick seniors and sick infants. He stated they could be left to die simply because they will be the “burdens” around the system and doctors might have no choice.

    I wish to understand what you consider that – would you agree? disagree? possess a different opinion on which would fail with socialized medicine?


    Should you disagree – Let me understand what your theory is on why it might work, etc.

    Yeah – I am a liar. Because all day long I have been attempting to consider The Way I could develop this and pin it on another person. *comes eyes*. This professor is certainly a conservative and that he loves to debate. Is the fact that very hard to think?

  • LN13:

    Do you consider there wrong or right? Do you experience feeling exactly the same?

    I would like to listen to canadians much more thinking about i’m american and am intrigued to determine anothers perspective thinking about us people in america are highly competitive and proud.

    http://world wide

    I am not really sure why yall have been in the controversy honestly from my perspective its more us attempting to see exactly what the best options could be and also you all have any adverse health plan that individuals appear to love therefore it would demand some considering to ascertain if it might be a great choice for all of us to consider an identical plan.

  • Harriet W:

    It might be the very best National system yet. French women live 4 years more than U.S. women, normally. French males live 2 yrs longer. Infant mortality is really a whopping 43 % under it is incorporated in the U.S.

    In France They have a curiousity about postpartum health of recent moms. They’re trained exercises and viewed carefully to make certain their physiques remain firm and healthy. The French spend just a little under $3,500 per person on Healthcare as the U.S., despite no National Insurance, stays around $6,000 per person.

    In France They pay their very own physician and hospital bills and therefore are refunded through the condition. They’re urged to hold “Gap” insurance, just in case the condition payment doesn’t cover all the costs. As the waiting here we are at non-emergency surgical procedures might be more than within the U.S., in france they product is working, does not possess the fifty million desperate without insurance as with the U.S., and provides each baby born in France a way for a proper existence. Don’t let copy in france they?

  • Sophia C:

    Hawaii has dropped their plan since it cost $50,000 monthly with this condition also it was near to drained of cash and because of employees choosing to accept government run health care instead of the healthcare using their insurance at the office, do you consider case an optimum into what’s going to happen if the starting the program across the country? Don’t let see this like a lesson learned?

    based on this short article it’s $50,000 monthly or $25.50 per child

    http://world wide

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